Hi I’m Danielle, a Psychic Medium and Shamanic Practitioner.

I also follow witchcraft as I was born into a family of healers and mediums, I have connected with spirit since being a very young child and have learned how to practice safely whilst developing my gifts in mediumship circles. Pairing these gifts with extensive studies into shamanic based practices such empowerment healings , Psycho pump work , past life healing , shadow work and The starmaidens lovers medicine wheel dedicating the past 5 years to my own healing journey to be an hollow bone and developing my unique way of intuitive healing , mediumship and psychic work alongside this and help others develop their gifts.

My soul purpose is to help others step onto their soul path reach their highest timeline and heal karma. I would love to hear from you and am so grateful that for the openness and willingness to step into your healing journey whilst choosing me to help you with this . I can look into your past present and future offer guidelines in all areas of your life work or business and connect with your loved ones who have past over to spirit . I am very passionate about helping others develop their gifts and offer 1-1 and group based spiritual teaching in person and online in developing their psychic abilities,mediumship and working with the moon cycles and Celtic traditions and sabbats . 

I wish you many blessings from the universe love Danni x

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